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golden gate bridge. lane changes and lane closures on the approach tote golden gate. "timesaver traffic" coming up. >> thank you. new this morning an attic fire in the east bay forced a family out of their home. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. it took crews 20 minutes to knock it out. they spent hours though dealing with flare-ups due to complications from a new roof on the home. inside residents smelled smoke before the alarms went off. >> upon arrival our units found a well involved attic fire with extension to the second floor. all the residents of the home smelled smoke and were able to get out before our arrival. >> fire caused at least $80,000 in damage. this morning, crews in daly city will get back to a massive clean-up effort. we first showed you yesterday a wall of mud and water buried several streets of a
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neighborhood near hillside park. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in daly city where an aging pipe is apparently blamed for the problem. >> reporter: michelle, you are correct. and city officials say that they are going to work to restore or repair that pipe and they actually admit there could be more in this area. but let's focus on the clean-up right now. last night's cleaning efforts weren't successful in this daly city neighborhood. the water main burst brought about inches of mud down on the road. here's a look from our cbs 5 chopper. neighbors were startled at 4:30 a.m. when police told them to leave their homes. 45,000 gallons of water came downhill. city leaders say it was because of a cast iron pipe made in the 1930s. >> you can see the pipe actually sheared off. we have an aging system. we know that we have pipes in the ground that are probably, you know, close or past their useful life. that's not uncommon within any community within the bay area.
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>> reporter: no homes were damaged. about 12 families were told to leave. some cars were swallowed up in the muck. city officials say rainfall could make things worse so they will be here as soon as daylight breaks. live in daly city, cate caugiran, cbs 5. so who is going to pay that cleaning bill? we did some checking. car owners whose auto insurance policies include comprehensive coverage are automatically protected no matter where the car was parked. they should file a claim immediately. but drivers who don't have comprehensive coverage should submit a claim to daly city within 6 months. forms are available at city hall. a small fire in san francisco city hall prompted a brief evacuation. a fire started in the basement before 9:30 last night. they called pg&e when they saw smoke and had come from a problem from an electrical panel apparently. no reports of damage or injuries. authorities say city hall
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should be open for business a little later today. the man accused of murdering morgan hill teenager sierra lamar faces more charges. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres is being charged with kidnapping dating back to march 2009. lamar disappeared in march of this year. torres was arrested in may for kidnapping and murder even though lamar's body hasn't been found. new video shows two suspects who kidnapped a woman and threw her in the back of her own car, walnut creek police say this video shows two men pulling up to an atm and trying to withdraw money from the victim's account. that started last wednesday after the suspect grabbed her outside her office. according to investigators the suspects drove around to at least three other machines before they dumped her car in the oakland hills. >> i have never heard this happening in this area. >> the woman telling police the suspects went by the names of
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david and aubrey. police say they got away in a smaller older dark colored pickup possibly a toyota with a loud muffler. a heist at a bay area museum, burglars broke into the oakland museum and stole valuable artifacts. the executive director says items were stolen monday night. security guards watched it happen from surveillance monitors and following protocol called police but not before the burglars left. it had never happened before in the museum's 4 3-year history. it may have been the work of copycats. >> there have been some high- profile museum thefts in recent months and years. and it may have emboldened people. >> might be the inspiration of those guys that just stole all the picassos and everything. >> it's up because it's such a cultural mecca. >> police aren't saying what was stolen but they arrested a suspect. they are still looking for the items. the museum will open tomorrow. other bay area headlines, an in-house audit at the port
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of oakland has turned up 400 to $800,000 in questionable expenses. that's according to a source who spoke with the "san francisco chronicle." executive director omar benjamin abruptly retired monday amid scrutiny about travel and other expenses. commercial crab season opens tomorrow but bay area consumers may have to pay more for local dungeness crab. fishermen say they are expecting a modest catch this year. last year a stalemate over price delayed the commercial season until after thanksgiving. >> cracked crabber, just looking at that dipping that crab in the butter, i could eat that right now. looks good. weather-wise we have maybe the best day of the month. >> i was down at the pier and they were catching crab off the pier big ones that they serve at pier 39. but yeah, you know what, this is probably the best day of the week outside weather-wise. a lot of sunshine coming our way today. temperatures aren't too bad.
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we have a few high clouds drifting overhead. otherwise a couple of patches of fog toward the santa rosa area. the temperatures are up a bit though this morning. 47 degrees in concord. 56 in oakland. 55 in san francisco. a little breezy through daly city and also pacifica. you can see high pressure in control. still a lot of those clouds rolling over the top of that ridge. we are going to see that from time to time throughout the day today. a lot of sunshine in between. and these temperatures should warm up nicely. in fact, this will be the warmest day of the week. yesterday near 70 degrees near san jose. today we'll pop through. we'll see 70s showing up outside maybe even san francisco about 70 degrees even at the coast we could see upper 60s and low 70s. enjoy it. we have a lot of rain on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. first elizabeth has traffic. >> we have emergency utility work going on in san jose. they have closed an off-ramp and on-ramp approaching the
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alameda. alternates, was come bascomb coleman. 28 minutes between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza heads up if you are commuting from marin into san francisco. westbound 237 quiet. the rest of the bay area no delays from the east bay northbound 880 pretty good all the way towards downtown. and a quick check of bridges, it looks like one lane is blocked on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it's before 5:00 this morning. 4:37 this morning. back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> it's early. 4:37. okay, liz, thanks. many members of congress say two u.s. military generals owe them some answers amid a scandal that keeps growing. susan mcginnis reports it will be a big issue on capitol hill today. reporter: the sex scandal
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that brought down former cia director david petraeus and is now enveloping another top u.s. general moves to capitol hill today. house intelligence leaders will ask fbi deputy director sean joyce and acting cia director michael morele about the events that led to david petraeus's resignation as head of the spy agency. petraeus left the job when news of an affair with his biographer paula broadwell became public. >> did you have any indication -- [overlapping speakers] >> reporter: tampa socialite jill kelly initiated the resignation that led to his resignation after receiving e- mails linked to broadwell and kelley is connected to another general as well america's top commander in afghanistan general john allen. the pentagon look is at more than 20,000 documents and e- mails between allen and kelley which some have labeled inappropriate and flirtatious. >> no one should leap to any conclusions. >> reporter: general allen's nomination to be the next
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leader of u.s. forces european command and nato's supreme allied commander is in doubt. >> his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. >> reporter: the white house says president obama still trusts general allen. >> he has faith in general allen, believes he is doing and has done an excellent job. >> reporter: general joseph dunford will replace general allen in afghanistan as soon as he is confirmed. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> general dunford was named as allen's replacement before news of the scandal came to light. another u.s. general is in hot water. general william kip ward is accused of lavish travel and unauthorized expenses. he has been retired and will retire as 3 stars instead of 4 star general. he will have to pay the
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government $187,000. 4:40. black friday creep. how target employees are trying to save thanksgiving. >> a major recall involving the world's largest auto maker. what could be wrong with nearly 3 million toyotas ? >> it was quite a sight in australia. why the solar eclipse was so rare. coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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total solar eclipse. one happened y it is one of the most exciting astrological events of all a total solar eclipse and one happened yesterday but a far, far piece away from here am a small strip of land in australia was the only place seen in person. moon blocked out the sun for about two minutes. the last total eclipse visible in australia was a decade ago and this won't happen again on earth until 2015, i believe. >> wow. that's so neat. >> oh, yeah. it's more fun on video. you can't really see it, doing one of those things. new snow in the sierra has
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ski resorts opening for business quite a bit early. >> many hope to see a boost in the business for the thanksgiving holiday. heavenly mountain resort and others are opening today two days ahead of schedule. recent storms have dumped more than three feet of snow. officials hope the early opening is a things to come. >> it's always important to be open for thanksgiving and this year, it's very important after the season we had last year and i think opening a few days early will even give a bigger boost to the business for the area. >> heavenly won't be fully functional until there are a few more snowstorms. most other ski resorts open tomorrow and friday. and, of course, you have machines out there with manmade snow. >> according to lawrence, apparently we are going to get a lot of rain this weekend. is that will probably translate to snow. they will have lots of snow as a series of storms are headed to the bay area. so enjoy the day today. it's going to be gorgeous. lots of sunshine coming our way
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after a few clouds this morning, most of that high clouds although we are seeing patchy fog in the santa rosa area. a little breezy in the hills, toward the coast some of the winds offshore keeping temperatures running mild and by the afternoon how about a beach day? 60s and 70s at the coast. sunshine and 70s inside the bay. maybe some mid-70s in the warmest spots inland. so this is going to be about as good as it gets as that ridge of high pressure is going to strengthen enough today, a lot of clouds rolling across the top of the ridge. tomorrow it will weaken. you can see the storm system off the coastline that will ahead our weather thursday and friday. but sunshine today, these temperatures will be the warmest all week long. let's take you through our computer models. through the day into tomorrow, you notice the clouds on the increase thursday. thursday night into early friday you start to see showers showing up. off and on wet through friday
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and into saturday through friday. a cold storm saturday night into sunday. so enjoy it, folks. you have a beautiful day outside today. plan on 74 degrees in morgan hill. 72 in palo alto. about 68 in hayward and 70 in fremont. east bay numbers up into the 70s in many places by the afternoon. 70 in the napa valley. 72 livermore. 71 oakland. about 70 degrees in san francisco. 68 degrees in daly city. clouds on thursday, chance of rain returning to the bay area on friday into saturday. that stronger storm system moves in on sunday. unsettled possibly wet weather looks like right through the beginning of next week, elizabeth. >> okay. looks good. thanks, lawrence. outside right now, not too bad. we have a lot of overnight roadwork. some people that i work with had trouble getting around this morning so there's a lot of roadwork this morning. first a live look at the south bay. 101 near mckee looking good. some of your other bridges the san mateo bridge, no problems across westbound or eastbound 92. things are flowing at the
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limit. so let's go to our maps talk about what's going on. that southbound 880 off-ramp to the alameda is shut down for a while closed -- they are doing some emergency utility work in the area until about 11:15 this morning so bascomb, coleman your best alternate into san jose. elsewhere here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. nothing going. everything is quiet across the deck from marin into san francisco. similar story for the silicon valley ride. traveling in oakland, that northbound 880 from fruitvale to embarcadero, three lanes and on-ramps blocked until about 5:00. they are doing ongoing roadwork northbound 880 from fruitvale to the embarcadero. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:47. house minority leader nancy pelosi is expected to make a big announcement this morning
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about her political future. yesterday, though, she disappointed reporters who wanted her to spill the beans a little early. >> while i love you all very dearly i thought maybe i would talk to my own caucus before i shared that information with you. 72-year-old democrat easily won re-election in her liberal san francisco district, but her party failed to score enough how the seats to gain majority so there is speculation she may step down her leadership post. the capitol hill news conference set for 7:00 pacific time this morning. after that conference, president obama will hold one to discuss the looming deadline for democratic and republican leaders to reach a budget deal that addresses the nation's debt. the president talked about it with labor leaders yesterday. today he will get together with business leaders including some big-wigs from general electric, walmart and ford. three people are dead after the fiery crash of a single- engine plane in mississippi. the piper pa-32 had just taken
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off from jackson when it crashed into a home yesterday. there was a person on the ground in that burning home who was lucky, escaped with minor injuries. the cause of the crash is still unclear. in indianapolis, investigators now believe natural gas was involved in a neighborhood explosion that killed two people. they are now looking at gas- fueled appliances from the destroyed homes hoping to determine the exact cause. the blast leveled two homes saturday and heavily damaged dozens of others. the man who accused elmo puppeteer kevin clash of an inappropriate sexual relationship has changed his story. the accuser has claimed he was under age when he and clash had a relationship but he released a statement yesterday saying the sexual relationship was adult and consensual. 4:48. millions of toyotas being called around the world involving the prius and some other models produced since 2000. a defect in the steering shaft could cause steering problems. 670,000 toyotas sold here in
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the united states are included in the recall. toyota is also recalling 630,000 cars because of a water pump problem. what may be a sigh of relief for college students in california, today's vote for raising tuition at uc campuses has been delayed. the move comes after requests from governor brown. he questioned the timing of raising tuition a week after voters passed prop 30 to fund education. the uc system was look at raising fees by as much as 35%. forget about black friday this year it's all about black thursday. target will open its doors at 9:00 on thanksgiving night. one part-time target employee says enough already. casey saint claire has since launched an online petition to get target to close altogether on thanksgiving. so far, it's gotten more than 200,000 signatures. >> i want to keep thanksgiving as a day where the stores are closed and everyone gets to spend time with their families. i'm not looking to get fired even though i know in the
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backful my head that's something that could happen. >> target is not backing down. its new commercial points out that black friday will start thursday night at 9:00. workers are back on the job at raley's and nob hill supermarkets after reaching a tentative agreement was reached with the company and the union after three days of talks. the union was able to keep most of the important benefits including healthcare, they say, but 7,000 workers went on strike this month after 15 months of contract talks. millions of facebook shares could flood the stock market today. the so-called lockup period ends today for early employees and investors giving them their first chance to sell nearly 800 million shares of the social networking site. facebook stock has lost nearly half its value since going public in may at $38. well, if you are married or dating, facebook is moving your relationship to a new level. the social media site has taken information about users who are
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in a relationship and created a page for you whether you want it or not. the page details your shared posts, events and pictures you're tagged in. just more to look at. >> they are going to do what they want. >> they do. quite a life already and he is only 4 days old. three oakland police officers helped deliver a baby at a shell gas station on friday. the baby, his parents and the officers reunited yesterday. >> i don't know [ indiscernible ] no in an effort what they matter what they was doing -- [ indiscernible ] no matter what happens, [ indiscernible ] >> always remember it. >> touching. the police chief actually made baby nolan an honorary officer and hopes to see him in the
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class of 2037. >> he was named nolan was it was in the nolan park zoo where the baby was born and in a shell station so his middle name is shell. >> cute. time now 4:52. coming up, why the 49ers need to be careful with alex smith. >> plus, raising eyebrows. the questionable expenses found in a newport of oakland audit coming up. >> and this girl saw the tragedy of super storm sandy and decided she wanted to help. what the 4-year-old was able to do coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there are hundreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook. wants independent concussion specialists, to be on the a lot of sunshine around the bay area. a couple of high clouds, temperatures in the 60s, even 70s. enjoy it. we have rain on the way. >> so far, so good across the golden gate. getting busy across the dublin- pleasanton area. this is a live look near 580 and 680. coming up much more "timesaver
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traffic." 4:55 now. the nfl players union reportedly wants independent concussion specialists to be on the sidelines of every nfl game. it comes after four more players suffered concussions this past sunday including 49er quarterback alex smith. he left the game against st. louis shortly after experiencing blurred vision. smith must be medically cleared to be play monday. he said to be seeking a second opinion on his condition. more than 150 pg&e employees who went to work in new york after super storm sandy are set to return to sacramento this afternoon. they helped to restore power to more than 23,000 con ed customers in queens, brooklyn and manhattan over the last two weeks. another group of pg&e employees sent to new york is set to return home on friday. a young kansas city girl is teaching about giving. she is only 4. catherine shell was worried about all the kids impacted by superstorm sandy.
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so she decided to collect money to buy them all stuffed animals. in less than three days she collected 1800 toys and yesterday as you can see, she flew out to belle harbor, queens, to personally deliver those toys. >> i was worried. >> about who? >> about the kids that lost their animals. >> she was worried. the shells were only able to bring 200 toys with them on the plane. the other 1600 going to be shipped out to to new york for free by a kansas city trucking company. 4:56. following the email trail. new details in that military sex scandal coming up. >> and burglars strike a bay area museum. why security guards just sat and watched as they made their getaway. >> and we're live in daly city where the clean-up will continue in just a few hours after a landslide brought a wall of mud to one neighborhood. we'll tell you why neighbors here are still concerned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a families' attic. what made things tricky for firefighters. smoke and flames in the east bay. a fire consumes a family's attic. what made things tricky for firefighters. >> a whole lot of mud! this morning crews will work to clean up a daly city neighborhood. why this will be a monumental it's. >> expecting plenty of sunshine around the bay area but this is as good as it gets. we have rain on the horizon. more coming up. >> here's a live look near the dublin interchange. we have overnight roadwork. we'll tell you about it coming up. good morning. it is wednesday, november 14, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 now. the clean-up work continues this morning in a neighborhood that got slammed by that surprise mud slide. >> the wall of mud and water buried several streets and a city park. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is

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